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MIND’s Scheduled programmes define a cross-disciplinary range of certificate, diploma, associate degree, professional certificates and postgraduate diploma programmes and courses that are scheduled to run at specific times during the year.  This line of products further accommodate the unique scheduling needs of adult learners and learning organisations, through a variety of day time, evening and weekend offerings.

These products are designed and ideally placed to help build professional, technical, leadership and management capacity in the Jamaican public sector; and as with all of MIND’s products and services, Scheduled programmes and courses are driven by and drive Government of Jamaica’s priorities and the prevailing modernisation agenda. 


Our experts, your choice of locations, your outcomes
Your Place or MIND option provides customised training solutions that respond exclusively to an organisation’s training needs; customised how, when and where the client needs it.  Through Your Place or MIND, existing products are adapted and new products developed to meet organisations human resource training and development needs throughout Jamaica.  Your Place or MIND is convenient, mobile, flexible, responsive and economical.


MIND Online
MIND Online expands learning and development opportunities through its technology enhanced, web –based, flexible and accessible solutions. 

This training delivery modality was developed in part against the background of the modernisation goals of the public sector, with particular reference to the Government of Jamaica’s (GoJ’s) technology skill development and utilisation emphasis, to create greater access to training and development opportunities which develop professional competencies and efficiencies. 


MIND Consulting is the vehicle through which MIND offers human resource and organizational development, advice, research and strategic planning support to public and private sector organisations locally, regionally and internationally.


MINDReach is a product line aimed at empowering “unreached” and underserved stakeholders through an array of flexible and accessible products and services in support of the Agency’s business development thrust with a focus on its corporate social responsibility.


The Caribbean MIND extends MIND’s reach and impact into the region, customising learning and development solutions and consultancy services to meet the human resource and organisational development needs of the regional public and allied sectors.

MIND’s Caribbean reach is further bolstered by its partnership with the Caribbean Leadership Project through which it supports the development of an enabling environment for accelerated, co-ordinated and sustained economic development and convergence within the Caribbean community.

The Caribbean Journal of Public Sector Management, highlights, explores, and debates public sector issues, encourages research in public sector management and leadership, and seeks to develop an indigenous Caribbean literature.  The Journal also provides a dynamic forum for the sharing of information and ideas which will benefit all who are involved with the management of the public sector.

The refereed Journal, while a Caribbean product encourages the promulgation of research from other parts of the world.

The CJPSM is an important learning resource and essential reading for public, statutory and private sector professionals, academics, researchers and students generally. 

The MIND Leadership Development Centre works with the relevant public bodies to provide a co-ordinated system of public sector leadership development opportunities through a range of products, services and events designed to build high performing thought leaders, and position the Jamaican and regional public sectors as models of leadership development best practice. 

The Centre focuses its products and services on systematically developing the practice of leadership within the public sector to support the achievement of real results for the Government and people of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The Centre’s products and services are grounded in the practice of leadership focusing on real issues, organisations and systems and are configured around the needs of team members while supporting broader organisational goals, as well as, national and regional socio-economic issues.  At the heart of the Centre’s operations and programming is a focus on a collective leadership practice, underpinned by reflective thinking and strategic organisational alignment.

The LDC supports the leadership development needs of leaders at all levels, with a primary focus on senior leaders inclusive of the political directorate, the executive cadre of permanent secretaries, CEOs, executive directors and directors general, and those immediately below them in the chain of succession.



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January 29, 2016

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February 12, 2016

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March 18, 2016

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March 31, 2016

Training Managers Network
May 13, 2016

December 10, 2016

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