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Organizational Structure

MIND is led by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is charged with the responsibility to lead the Institute's strategic and business planning, provides policy direction and leadership to all areas of the Agency's operations in fulfillment of its mandate. The Executive Agencies Act 2002, provides for the CEO to report directly to the responsible minister (this is done through the Office of the relevant Permanent Secretary). Given that MIND is placed within the Cabinet Offices, the CEO reports through the Cabinet Secretary. The Executive Agencies Act also provides for the CEO to be advised in the strategic and business planning responsibilities of the Executive Agency by an Advisory Board and for the Board to be appointed from among suitable qualified persons in the public and private sectors and non-governmental organizations. MIND's Advisory Board reflects a blend of public and private sector individuals with professional expertise, interests and experiences inclusive of education and training, finance, human resource management and development, appropriate to support MIND's mandate:

Professor Neville Ying
Executive Director, Jamaica Diaspora Institute

Mr. Berome Edwards
Head, Financial Systems Unit, Ministry of Finance and Planning

Mr. Wayne Jones
Deputy Financial Secretariat, Strategic Human Resource Management Division,
Ministry of Finance and Planning

Dr. Lois Parkes
Chief Personnel Officer, Office of the Services Commissions

Mrs. Elaine Foster-Allen
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education

Mr. Michael McAnuff-Jones
Senior Vice-President-Human Resources, Scotia Bank Group

The alignment of the Agency's organizational structure and human resource needs with its Strategic Plan reflect a structure with four critical strategic areas.

organizational structure


The Office of the Chief Executive Officer provides oversight for all the departments of the Agency, however, the roles of Strategic Planning and Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation, Campus Manager (Mandeville Campus) and Internal Audit, report directly to the CEO.

The Public Service Capability Development Department (PSCD) is the department responsible to direct, guide and oversees the conceptualization, development, quality assurance, delivery, evaluation and continuous review of the Agency's learning and development products and services, toward improvements in public service capacity, performance and impact. The Department ensures that such products and services are offered in a variety of formats, modalities and locations to include the various regions of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

The structure and role of the Department impel a greater focus on and stronger linkages between the development and delivery of learning products and services that anticipate, respond to and lead public sector human resource development. Given the fact that this area essentially determines the Agency's continued relevance, viability, sustainability and justifies the investment by Government in the Agency to support the requisite public service outcomes, its construct requires its own unique and specialized skills sets, professional attitudes and approaches. In this regard, the work of the Department is realized through the vehicles of the following operational units supporting the work of the Office of the Director:

• Product Planning and Development
• Scheduled Programme Delivery and Administration
• Customised Programme Delivery and Administration
• Distance Learning Delivery and Administration
• Product Quality Assurance

The Business Development and Communication (BDC) Department plays a critical role in stakeholder relationship management and the provision of outreach and communications solutions for the Agency. This Department leads the development and execution of sales/business development strategies and plans, identifies new business opportunities with governmental and other agencies, and develops incremental business from existing government and other stakeholder interest groups.

The Finance, Human Resource Management and Institutional Strengthening (FHRMIS) Department, oversees the financial, human relations and corporate services functions of the Agency. This department manages the budgetary responsibilities, risk management considerations as well as all matters related to the well being of staff. The Department is positioned to enhance and transform MIND's human resource capacity and establish a culture of continuous learning, research, enterprise and innovation that will positively impact the standard of service and professionalism. Additionally, the property management, training logistics, contract management, fixed asset management, security services, environmental stewardship, rentals and procurement are responsibilities of this department.

MIND also has an Audit Committee, duly appointed by the Government of Jamaica's (GoJ's) Audit Commission with seven (7) members drawn from across the public sector. The Committee reports quarterly to the Financial Secretary and annually to the Financial Secretary, Audit Commission, Auditor General and Chairman of MIND's Advisory Board inter alia.





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